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Many services are standard with the production of a web page. Some services are optional such as visitor statistics and search engine optimization.  

Design - The first phase of publishing a web site is design.
We will get to understand your target audience and the mission statement of your site. The image and the content information need to be defined. What will bring visitors to your site and what do they want to see when they get there? You may want simply to add credibility to your business with a web presence or you may want to let visitors purchase or download items from your site.
Build - After the initial design is laid out the pages are built.
Your site will be built and placed on a secure (password protected) area of our web space. Here you will be able to view it throughout the process to give feedback. Only after we both agree that your web is ready for the public eye will we launch it to your domain:
Maintenance - Once a site is launched it does not usually stay static for long.
Updates may be necessary to keep the information current and sometimes a major change is desired. Because all of our programming is done by hand and code is always to standards the maintenance generally done in a minimal amount of time. If Bennett Webs produces your web site minor changes will be free for a specified time period. We also offer maintenance contracts for regular updates, quality assurance, and statistical analysis to current and new customers.
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