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UCSD Extension
I will be producing almost all of the required elements for Bennett Webs web sites such as html coding, photography, javascript, and simple graphics. More complex requirements will be contracted under my supervision. Here is a brief background on my education and work experience. I look forward to working with you!  
Sharon L. Bennett
Web Publisher

University of Maryland
I studied at the University of Maryland and graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and then a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. While the internet was very much in use at the university back then, the "web" (HTTP, browsers, graphics) had not yet been invented. Still, when looking for a distraction from studies late at night it was not uncommon to "chat" online with someone halfway around the world!  
Professional Training
While working in the software field for 8 years, I benefitted from extensive training on the UNIX operating system and Oracle databases. I earned several certificates related to these products. More recently I worked with client server products that required more web and HTML expertise.  
UCSD Extension
With a new found passion for the power and freedom of the web, I enrolled in the Web Publishing Certificate program at UCSD Extension. Summer 2003 I received my certificate from University of California San Diego after receiving straight A's with several A+'s in the required courses.  
Professional Experience  
GERS is a retail software developer and complete systems provider. I joined the company in 1992 as a technical support specialist and worked my way into management. First as Tech Support Team Leader, then Client Services Manager, and finally as a Product Manager. In my two years as a Product Manager I was responsible for all aspects of the life cycle of my products. I left the company in 2000 in order to spend more time with my children.  
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