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This is a test page and a test store.
Please don't expect to really purchase anything here.
Get the same high quality of BennettWebs in handmade photo greeting cards. All cards are hand cut and assembled and each card given great care. Please allow two weeks for production of the cards and one week for shipping.

Orders can be shipped overnight for an added cost. Some orders can be rush shipped in three days for 30% more. Please contact us to confirm availability of rush shipping.

Christmas Card One This card features an antique look with subdued green and red complimented by an old fashioned ribbon. The card can be modified to fit the size of your photo.     More Details
Min 10 cards

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Download realplayer link? We have to look at technical issues like can the user play the audio with what they have on their pc.
Should we test for a player?
Also, give them options for what player or type of file (mp3, wav, or realaudio)? Aren't some much smaller? And aren't some less common? And will the user really care? They want to click and go.
listen button

listen to lecture
Download realplayer or some other option? This is a wonderful lecture full of information from an orthopedic surgeon. He has a strange interest in the field of patient data.

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Download realplayer or some other option? This is another wonderful lecture full of more information from another important person.

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