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Please contact us for a quote on your particular web site needs. Getting started and simply getting a domain and home page can cost as little as $150. A simple 4-5 page site where no graphics are required would generally be $500 to $800. The following items may be quoted separately:
  • Forms - Generally used for data input such as filling out a survey or purchasing something. The Coffee Corner order page shows all the different options you have with input fields.

  • Secure Pages - requiring login validation.

  • Java Scripts - for motion or custom interaction. Standard button roll overs would not cost extra. Some scripts can also be purchased from a library or taken from shareware sites.

  • Graphics - creating or finding custom graphics such as logos or icons.

  • CGI Scripts - These are server side scripts that will also control interaction and are often used with forms.
Our rates are very competitive and we would appreciate the opportunity to partner with you on your web publishing needs.
We now accept paypal for online
credit card payments:
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