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Airborne Gymnastics Airborne Gymnasticshas a range of "target audiences" and has to get across a lot of information while reflecting the image of the gym. We accomplished keeping the site appealing to parents and team girls of all ages. Classes and party information are easy to find and quickly accessible.
Evergreen Valley Church Evergreen Valley Church has been a client for several years and we recently updated the look of their website. We have also added blogs, podcasts, and audio download features. This site is kept up-to-date at least weekly to be a resource for the church members while it still projects what the church stands for to seekers.
DWS Health Insurance DWS Health Insurance had high quality website but was having trouble getting updates done in a timely and affordable manner. We were able to take over, get the changes completed, and are available for future updates as needed. This will be increasingly important as their business grows from their presence on the web.
Compassionate Youth Ministry Church Sports International had an existing web site but needed to add a major section and needed numerous updates to the existing pages. We were able to add that new section to our standards but completely in keeping with the existing site. Some improvements were made to the menu and various existing pages also. CSI is now on our popular maintenance plan so we do their updates regularly to keep their site fresh and up-to-date.
Compassionate Youth Ministry Compassionate Youth Ministry needed a platform to communicate their message to supporters around the world. They are located in Ethiopia fulfilling a need for spiritual and physical feeding of the youth there.
Evergreen Valley Church Evergreen Valley Church is a medium sized christian church in San Jose's Evergreen area. They had some design ideas and we worked together to get a robust site that follows the image of the church and can be used as a tool for communication. Their maintenance plan includes updates once a week to the calendar and posting the sermon audio from the previous Sunday.
All Star Media All Star Media is a multimedia company with extensive web store and web audio capabilities. This site is maintained and updated constantly with new audio files being offered for sale or download regularly.
Alumni Association International Alumni Association - International is an organization that serves all of the institutions of the University System of Maryland. This web site was produced not only as a source of information about the association but also as a service for potential grant and scholarship applicants. They are able to get the necessary applications thus saving in administrative cost and headaches getting these forms to anyone interested.
Gravity Productions Gravity Production's website actually represents three different businesses that are commonly owned. This site was originally done with a template in a web development program. The updates for the three sites, however, became time prohibitive when managing themselves. Bennett Webs jumped in and added a few things to the site, fixed a bug or two, and now does all the maintenance on an as needed basis. This solution is much more cost effective!
Screen Concepts Incorporated Screen Concepts is a company that specializes in disappearing, retractable screens for doors and windows. Bennett Webs designed and produced this web site from scratch to reflect the image of the company and have it ready to debut with the company in March 2004. This site had a unique requirement of needing an interface to a database where dealer information and trade shows are stored to be displayed on the web site dynamically.
Delauro Associates DeLauro Associates was looking for a reliable company to produce their web site without it costing them the bank. Bennett Webs was able to listen to their needs and deliver a web site that delivered that and more.
Torrey Pines Christian Church Events Torrey Pines Christian Church wanted a way for participants from the church and the community to register for events. This small site was created and is used for special events throughout the year. Wednesday Night programming was also posted here.
Saint Raphaels Saint Raphael's Episcopal Church is a small parish located in a resort town in Florida. Their site is designed to be a resource for visitors to the area that may be looking for a new church as well as a place for members to stay informed of the happenings there.
Choices Consulting Choices Consulting, Incorporated is a consulting company that teaches wonderful work ethics and personal accountability and they serve many markets. This web site was fully designed and developed by Bennett Webs and has gone through several updates to design to continually improve the look and serve the clients of Choices Consulting.
Spanish Academy for Adults and Children Spanish Academy for Adults and Children was created by and is under maintenance with Bennett Webs. It requires updates every other month for new class schedules and sometimes class descriptions. This site is a great marketing tool for the school and also saves money on mailings of schedules to students and former students.
Cunningham's Coffee Corner This site, Cunningham's Coffee Corner, was done in one day with a focus on the "online ordering" page. This page shows all of the various types of input fields or form fields supported in HTML.
The Bitty Bums Looking for a different look, this was the debut of the web presence for the musical duo The Bitty Bums. We had this site up in less than a week from initial discussions as they needed it before a command performance.
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